Bethany Peterson Photography | Alex + Diedra | Trinity Wesleyan Church | Tipton, IN

Alex + Diedra | Trinity Wesleyan Church | Tipton, IN

June 22, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Alex and Diedra were married on June 10th at Trinity Wesleyan Church in Tipton. Surrounded by friends and family they held their ceremony in a gorgeous chapel with a wooden arches and beautiful stained glass windows. I have known Diedra's family for many years and her flower girl was my niece, who also happened to be the flower girl in my own wedding. It was so very special being able to witness their special day, and I am thankful to have been there.

Alex and Diedra, I wish you a lifetime of happiness!

p.s. make sure you keep an eye out for Alex's face when he sees Diedra for the first time <3

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